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Most creams and lotions often contain a lot of water, synthetic ingredients and are designed to heal external tissues. Coconut Oil however, penetrates deeper, making it an excellent moisturiser and nourisher.

Coconut Oil kills harmful microorganisms and protects the skin from
potential pathogens.

In addition to being nourishing, Coconut Oil also helps to soothe
other types of skin conditions:

- Cradle cap or dry scalp
- Eczema
- Nappy rash.


When we create baby products, we strive to be the most “conscious” we can.

We are careful in developing brands that are safe for babies’ sensitive skin.

Our products are not only good to use, but they also play a part
in sustaining our planet.

Our products are dermatologically tested, not tested on animals, are MIT
& paraben free and use a largely coconut base.

Going green has become a phenomenon within the skin care industry - we are disrupting the market and are presenting leading edge opportunities.


Our products are specially formulated and produced
in an Eco responsible facility.

All of our products are formulated using natural, herbal and environmentally low-impact raw materials.

Our product development team and technologists have a passion to make a difference. They are committed to bringing products to market that meet the needs of our discerning consumers.